Health Information for Men

The Health Information for Men (HIM) program developed by University of Missouri Extension aims to address a void in community health programming targeting middle-aged males. Specifically, the program goal is to encourage men to make more effective choices in their health management.

  • Men’s health is increasingly a public health concern. While their health has been improving over time, men still have a shorter life expectancy than women do.
  • Men generally visit their doctors less frequently than women, which increases the odds
    they’ll face more severe health issues that can lead to poorer health outcomes and increased
    medical expenses.
  • Encouraging men to make healthier lifestyle choices and routine use of health services
    should result in improved health, reduced medical expenses and less loss of income.

Men’s health and wellness is an issue that can affect an entire family, not just the men themselves. Our goal is to use HIM to enhance health and well-being for all!

Join FCS Agent, Kevin Treadway, and guest speakers to learn more about men’s health!