Homeschool Club

Homeschooled youth in grades 4th-12th can enroll at the 4-H office May-July.

Homeschool Club or “The Bradley Bunch” meets every third Thursday of each month from 2:30-4pm at various locations. Some dates may change due to activity/holiday.

Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • July 20th 2:30pm @ PIE Center *INTEREST MEETING FOR NEW MEMBERS*
  • Meeting #1 August 24th 2:30-4pm @ PIE Center
  • Meeting #2 September 21st 2:30-4pm Apple Valley Orchard
  • Meeting #3 October 19th 2:30-4pm Beene Farm
  • Meeting #4 November 16th 2:30-4pm at the PIE Center (Intro Public Speaking)
  • Meeting #5 January 18th 2:30-4pm at the PIE Center (Presenting speeches)
  • Meeting #6 February 22nd 2:30-4pm at 3110 Peerless Rd (Wildlife presentation)
  • Meeting #7 March 21st 2:30-4pm TBD (Present demonstrations)

If you have any questions regarding Homeschool Club, please contact Hannah Goodson at