Kev Cooks

Kev Cooks for the Holidays

Kev Cooks is heading inside this winter for some hands-on learning! We all know and love traditional holiday meals. Turkey, ham, casseroles, mac and cheese, rolls, pie, and on and on have become staples of sitting down with the family and celebrating. However, these foods are not always healthy and we tend to eat until we are stuffed! Kev Cooks for the Holidays provides a way to rethink our holiday meals! No matter what your goals are, if you want to be more healthy this holiday season, Kev Cooks for the Holidays is your one stop resource for learning tips and tricks to make it through the holidays while sticking to your goals.

All for just $15.00!

Classes will include:

Healthy alternatives to classics

Choosing healthy cooking options

Sticking to MyPlate during the holidays

Tips for mindful eating

How to safely store leftovers

Creative ways to utilize leftovers