Bradley Walks

Let’s get moving! Bradley Walks is a physical activity program offered to Bradley County residents during the month of April 2024.

Participants log their “walking miles” and report to FCS Agent, Kevin Treadway, every week.

Participants can choose their track, the Pro League (walking only) or All-Stars (walking + other activities). Those in the All-Stars will be able to utilize our Mileage Calculator to add “miles” from other activities; such as, yard work, hiking, kayaking, cycling, weightlifting, etc.

Prizes for first, second and third place in both the Pro League and All-Stars will be rewarded!

Join us for optional weekly activities to learn more about all that Bradley County has to offer! Activities include a day in the garden, kayaking, trash pick-up, etc.

If 100+ individuals register, FCS Agent Kevin Treadway, will walk the length of Bradley County in ONE DAY! From Red Clay State Park to the Hiwassee River!

Contact Kevin Treadway

E-mail: | Call: 423-728-7001